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Tuesday, December 25 2018
For Cinderella (an acrostic)


Talking stick, she stands in front of each reader, 
Her warm wall of safety--my kind of barricade--
Earthen, furry, and long-eared.

Rearranging things--a purse, a rattle--
Untying a steel-toed boot. She’d
Like her own drum, a little bell to ring;
Enchanting us. Appreciated, admired,
Beautiful black burro. No dissembling. Wild
Rose, centipede, ashe juniper,
Carolina chickadee. Stand in 
A sunset for at least ten minutes per day--moon into marrow--
Kitchen window donkey. Sync your cells with acorn, 
Elevate Woodhouse’s Scrub-Jay and wheels of pollen--
Remember winter tadpoles and THE RULEBREAKER.

(This is what happens at Writing with the Herd. Come join us! Try an acrostic--the first letter of each line spells out a phrase or word--and put it in the comments!)

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so peaceful but alive !
Posted by Haruko on 12/30/2018 06:29:39

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