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Forest Horse
FORCO Digestive Supplement

This is one supplement you'll want to have in your barn. Forco is a stable, broad-spectrum fermentation product that creates a friendly internal environment, feeds the healthy internal microbes and supplements critically needed enzymes. The resulting digestive and efficiency, stability and motility can help avoid and correct colic, diarrhea, poor coat and hoof, reduce heart rate and aid in fatigue recovery and healing. It is a pure, all-natural product containing NO drugs, carriers, fillers, alfalfa, forage or soybean meals, or preservatives. Our horses (and the dogs and cats) love it and will eat it plain. (Use 1 to 2 ounces per horse per day.) I have had clients use it with great results for sickly chickens too!  It has an unconditional, money-back guarantee and has been consumed by people and many species of animals for more than 30 years. Available in 10 or 25 pound containers. Local delivery or pick up of the 10 pound Forco (56) is available. Call 512-468-1914  

Choose cardboard box (126) or plastic tub (133) for delivery of 25 pound Forco please. Shipping is FREE

Product Code: FORH30

Price: $126.00

add $7 for plastic bucket

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