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Welcome to ( the New and Improved ) Forest Horse!

Forest Horse is here for people, horses, donkeys, dragonflies, trees, nature, and creativity to join in community. We started many years ago as a resource for wild horse and burro adopters, carrying books and other helpful products to enhance a natural and kind lifestyle for adopted animals. Today our focus is on being with the animals in nature and inviting humans to come and enjoy the spaciousness of the land and our horse and donkey herd. 

We also will make on site visits to help people get along better with their horses and donkeys using liberty techniques, clicker training, hands on healing, Connected Groundwork/Bodywork and TTEAM. 

We still carry a few of our favorite products in our store, such as FORCO, a few hard to find books and Epona grooming products. Thank you for visiting our new incarnation!

Our Mission
Our Mission

Forest Horse is located on 20 acres of wild land in the Texas Hill Country. We are close to Austin and San Antonio near the towns of Blanco and Dripping Springs.  My vision is to provide a place for adults, kids and groups to come and enjoy the beauty of being with horses, donkeys and nature while leaving the responsiblity for care and feeding to me!! It is a place for stillness, drawing, painting, wandering and sharing space with all of life.

My wish is that all who come can experience playfulness, quiet, laughter, connection,and  learning from the resident equines and fellow participants.  Forest Horse can be an antidote to an information-heavy technology-filled world.

We also want to educate people about the beauty and value of the formerly wild horses and donkeys who live here. 

Meet our Family
Meet our Family

Forest Horse is home to 4 formerly wild burros named Cinderella, Bunny, Olli and Kestrel. The burros love visitors and especially children. They enjoy being loved on and scratched for hours and are wise and gentle spirits. One of them is a little shy but in spite of that is very curious and loving.

The resident horse is Kaya, daughter of two wild BLM horses from New Mexico  She loves connecting with people and loves drumming.  You will be transported by her big soulful eyes and generous spirit.

Other residents include butterflies, dragonflies, turtles, oaks, cedars, hummingbirds, orioles, cardinals, hawks, mushrooms, wildflowers, lichen, lizards, frogs and toads and many more!!


Who Will Come?
Who Will Come?

Forest Horse is for families, groups and individuals who would like to experience the joy of being around horses and donkeys in nature! We can tailor programs for you in areas such as horse communication/training, spirituality with animals and nature, poetry writing and artwork, getting to know horses and donkeys prior to embarking on adding them to your own family and more!

We have had Wild Herd Campouts, Tai Chi with the Herd, drumming with the herd and other programs which participants loved.  People who have no experience or who have much experience are welcome. We want to create an environment of fellowship, peace and creativity for all. We would like to be able to offer scholarships and sliding scale so that many can participate. 

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