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Epona Brush Flower "Buddy"

These colorful brushes fit perfectly in the hand and work great! This is the finishing brush. The "dandy" is the dust buster.  Highly Recommended.  Assorted beautiful colors. 

Product Code: EPOS27
Price: $11.00

Epona Brush Flower "Dandy"

Perfectly designed for the hand and the eye! This brush is terrific for equine dust removal. Finish with the "Buddy" brush but start with the "Dandy". Highly recommended! Assorted Colors. 

Product Code: EPOC27
Price: $11.00

Gummy Scrubby Curry

Two-in-One grooming tool is great for sweeping away dust and loose hair or for lathering up the coat. It is gentle enough for faces and legs. Dogs and cats will like it too! Assorted Colors.


 Product Code: GUMX27
Price: $12.00


Flexible silicon wobbly knobs enable a deep soothing massage for your equine or larger dog or human friend! The strap is adjustable and will even fit a child's hand.   Assorted colors.

Product Code THE02

Price: $11.50


Just add soap and water. Lathers quickly and cleans deeply. Throw in the washer to clean! Will not mildew. Also good for cleaning algea off fish tanks. Assorted colors.

Product Code SCR027

Price: $5.00

Massage Pin Brush

These pins stay in! My horses love this brush--it rakes up loose hair and dirt and the large rounded pins stimulate the skin. Great for mane and tail too. 


Product Code: MASG27
Price: $11.50

Spongy Scrubbies

Durable Scrubby pouch holds a thirsty sponge. Assorted colors. 



Product Code SPO527

Price: $5.00

Epona Comb

Epona Comb with Microban antibacterial protection. These combs are large, strong, and gently rounded, for detangling manes and tails without pulling out hair. Assorted Colors.

Product Code EPOX27

Price: $5.00

Gummy Mitt

On one side, short bristles bring dust and dirt to the surface … 
On the other, deep nubs polish coats to a gleaming finish as they deliver a soothing massage. 

Product Code EPOR27

Price: $9.00

The Ulta-Mitt

Use this mitt wet or dry to curry or bathe. It stays on your hand and promotes natural shine.  Assorted Colors


Product Code THE127

Price: $12.00


Eye candy for you and a luxury massage for your horse or donkey. Firm gel-like nubs on rubber cushion in wood base with cotton strap. Fits even a young rider's hand. Assorted colors. 

Product Code NUZ227

Price: $10.00

Shed Flowers

"The bloom that grooms". Just like a rusty old curry comb only much prettier! Wonderful for shedding out coats in the spring and for year-round scratches and grooming. Assorted Colors.

Product Code SHEK27

Price: $6.00

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