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Kate Bremer taught me so much about my young female donkey who was nipping, "goosing", and being very rough and naughty. She is a year now and soooo much better. The advice I had prior was....slap her nose, yell NO, smack her shoulder, push her way, turn and walk away, etc etc. we tried it all! She responded to a HARD thump on her nose with more roughness. Loud NO's made her laugh. Someone even suggested a whistle...HA! She loved it! I too believe she wanted to play with me, but it was too rough. My point is that Kate taught me to ask Tuli to move away, instead of physically demanding it. It worked for us and I felt so much happier with our teaching time together.

​Kaela in Dripping Springs

I will never be able to adequately express how much I appreciate your consistency and patience with me! You have the perfect disposition for working with horses and their people. My life has been richer and more blessed by having you as a part of the last few years. I hope you and Kaya will make great progress this Spring and she will be able to fill the gap Lalo left behind. You really helped to me realize what fabulous creatures horses are. Thank you VERY MUCH!!!

Linda in Spicewood

Back to your horsemanship/horsewomanship..... as I've told many folks the work you and I have done together with CASH is the only work I've felt has gone well and that I can feel happy about... and I think he does too. That is no small thing.

Sarah in Driftwood

What a gift you gave me by coming out and spending your time with me and my herd. I am very grateful to you for helping me on this path. You are a great teacher and I feel incredible thanks towards your expertise and experience.  

Lizzy in Comfort

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