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Forest Horse
Sensation Saddles and Skito Pads
Sensation Ride Treeless Saddles
Sensation Ride Treeless Saddles

I have been a dealer for manyyears for Sensation saddles. Although I am shifting my focus from saddle sales, I will still be available to my former customers for assistance and saddle orders. I am also available for new customers to help you  determine which Sensation Ride saddle and options will fit your needs. Consultation rates are $30 per hour. This can be helpful if you are looking into purchasing a used Sensation or if you just want a knowledgeable detail-oriented person to help you get what will work for you.  Please Email or call 512-468-1914

Skito Pads
Skito Pads

I have sold many Skito pads over the years and they are fantastic. You can order them with shims to help fill gaps while your horse gets back into shape,  and they come in pattern shapes for practically any saddle out there. A properly set up Skito can solve minor saddle fitting issues. There are many options and colors available. A favorite of endurance riders, trail riders and also great for any English or Western discipline. Prices start at $245 plus shipping. Email or call 512-468-1914


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